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How To Make A Brochure On Google Docs [Guide 2017]

Do you want to make a stunning looking brochure? Now, creating a brochure or pamphlet become very easy. Anyone can make an eye-catching brochure using Google Docs. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make a brochure on google docs.

Actually, there are two ways to make a brochure on google docs. Either you can create it from scratch. Or you can make a brochure very easily using a google docs brochure template.

How to create a brochure on Google Docs using a brochure template:

Step 1

Go to Google Docs using this link:

And sign in to Google Docs with your Gmail Email address and password.

how to make a brochure on google docs - step 1

Step 2

Click on the ‘TEMPLATE GALLERY’ to pick a template of your choice.

how to make brochure on google docs - step 2

Select any brochure template from the list.

brochure template gallery

Step 3

Now it’s your turn to customize the template regarding your need. Replace the ‘Sample Text’ with your own text, insert your own images. You can insert other things like table, chart, equation. footnote etc. within the brochure by using the ‘Insert’ feature.

how do you make a brochure on google docs -insert - step 3 (2)

Step 4

You can print the brochure by clicking on the printer icon which is at the top left position of the web page. Also, you can download the brochure by going through ‘File’ > ‘Download As’.

make a brochure on google docs - save it

How to make a brochure on Google Docs from scratch:

Step 1

After signing in to Google Docs, click on the ‘Blank’ document.

how to create a brochure on google docs - step

Step 2

Click on ‘Untitled Document’ and type a name for your brochure.

give a name to the brochure

Step 3

Now go to ‘File’ > ‘Page setup’. A dialog box will open, set up the page orientation, margins, page color, paper size from here.

brochure page set up

To create a double-sided and trifold brochure, change the orientation to ‘Landscape’. Leave the page size on ‘Letter’, and select the margins to ‘.25’ on all sides.

brochure page setup -2

Step 4

Now set the number of columns to 3 and spacing between them to 0.5 inches. To do this, just go to ‘Format’ > ‘Columns’ > ‘More options’.

columns of brochure

brochure column 3

Step 5

To add a table to the first column, first, click on the top line of the first column of the brochure. Now go to ‘Insert’ > ‘Table’. And add a 1×1 table to the first column.

add table to first column of brochure

Click on the table border and drag it to the bottom of the first column of the brochure.

drag the table to the bottom of the first column

Do the same for each column in the brochure.

three table on three column of the brochure

Step 6

Now it’s the time to locate the front cover panel of the brochure. Location of a brochure cover panel depends on its folds. For a double sided tri-fold brochure, the front cover panel is located on the right most column of the first page of the brochure.

front cover panel of the brochure

To make the front cover of the brochure attractive, add a stunning image to the front panel. Don’t forget to add a headline to the front cover panel. Make the cover headline big and bold. It must be very catchy, attractive and informative.

Step 7

The back cover of a trifold brochure is the middle column on the first page. It is also important to design the back cover panel of the brochure properly. You can add your organization contact details on the back cover panel. And add relevant text and image to make the back cover engaging.

back cover panel of the brochure

Step 8

Now the remaining part of the brochure is the internal panels. Add relevant, appropriate text and images to these columns. Make proper adjustment of the texts. Make body text and headlines attractive by using bold, italic text. Use different fonts in different sections.

Step 9

Now, your double sided trifold brochure is ready. You can print the brochure directly using a duplex printer. Or you can save or download the brochure in different formats. You can access this brochure any time in your Google docs account. Because Google Docs automatically saves the brochure file.

So, this was a simple tutorial on how to make a brochure on Google Docs. I hope, this tutorial will surely help you to make brochure or pamphlet using Google Docs. Do share your opinion about creating attractive brochures on Google Docs in the comment section.

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